Operational validation conclusions

Zbox Blue Logistics ‘Operational validation’ is finished


What we have achieved

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First industrial series of Zbox has been successfully manufactured in Spain.


The manufactured Zbox containers performed trips by sea and by road in folded and bundle state, and in unfolded and loaded state.


We have designed, prototyped and certified ISO a new Zbox version that integrates the experience in travelling and manufacturing.

Speaking with Roberto Fernandez, Commercial Director of Navlandis and the people who was in charge of the trip, we can conclude that:

  • Not much can be said about the trip, and that is precisely the challenge of the Zbox. At no time it produced anything different than what a conventional container would have caused. 
  • It was known that the unfolded container was not going to behave any differently, but the expectation was focused on the folded pack (5 containers), which in the end have been handled as another container, as expected. 



Next step is manufacturing a second industrial series to be used in commercial transport trips

Some companies already booked some Zbox units, and trips are due to start in the first half of 2022 

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