Kick off

Zbox Blue Logistics takes off!

Today, October 1, Zbox Blue Logistics project started. The project team, made up of both Navlandis people and various stakeholders, are excited and willing to start to take action.

The next two years of project execution will be demanding, everybody knows that. But putting into practice, under real conditions, all the developments made during the last five years, is not only the purpose of Zbox Blue Logistics project, but also the first step to turn Zbox from a prototype into a market reality.

Next steps

The first step on the execution of the project is the construction of 15 units of the latest certified version of Zbox.

In order to tackle this manufacturing task, coordination activities and meetings are already scheduled. Supplier searches and purchase orders will be soon driven by the project team.

The project team is optimistic and hopes to be able to deliver soon significant updates in Zbox units availability.

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