Zbox Blue Logistics project website is on air

We are pleased to announce the set up of our project website

Now it is possible to read the latest news about Zbox Blue Logistics project from your laptop, smartphone or tablet, while sipping coffee in your favorite cup.

In addition to disseminating project updates, we want to make it easy for companies interested on using Zbox in their unbalanced routes to contact us for more details. So, if you are one of them, do not hesitate to contact us!

Coming soon

We know there is always room for improvement, also for this website. That is the reason why we will keep working on its features and information throughout the entire project.

Work on the project will drive us crazy sometimes, but we will try to swim out of the daily craziness to update the News section as soon as we can, so we can spread the word on all the relevant achievements made in the context of the project.

In addition, forecoming public deliverables will be uploaded on the Results section.

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