We are already Hands On

fabricaciĆ³n de contenedor

Receipt of production for the first 15 units

Continuing our focus throughout the tangibility of what has been a great process of creation, review, improvement and testing, this one especially is a major milestone. We already have our first Zbox units manufactured.

In May we received the parts that were manufactured by subcontracting and we have been preceding their respective assembly. We have found solutions for each fortuitous limitation and thanks to our team’s excellent manpower, these first units have been completed.

What’s coming next

Now it is a matter of not stopping, with all the parts ready in our warehouse, we will continue with the assembly of the next units.

We hope to finish as soon as possible, optimizing the time and physical resources that we have been improving in recent days. By taking advantage of more space in our warehouse, we have a larger surface area to increase performance in the assembly of the latest units.

News of the complete final result and its upcoming implementation will be released very soon.