The first industrial series of Zbox travels ‘full steam’

During the last three months, Navlandis has been working on the operational validation of its Zbox technology.

Zboxes have successfully completed their first maritime trip all around the african continent. Both the bundle of 5 Zbox folded containers, and the unfolded and loaded one, have arrived home safe and sound.

Bundle of Zbox folded containers being loaded – 2021

A road trip was also successfully completed by truck, with an unfolded Zbox plus a bundle of folded ones.

Unfolded Zbox and bundle of folded containers being transported – 2021

Of course, each and every container of this first Zbox industrial series were CSC and ISO certified in August, being properly identified on a safety approval plate fixed on the outside of the left door.

Zbox doors with certification plate – 2021

Subsequent maintenance of a safety approved container is the owners responsibility. Therefore, we at Navlandis will regularly inspect our Zboxes, especially after their first few trips.

Although the operational validation task of the project has ended, during the next months Navlandis would like to continue operating Zbox containers in further trips, to better test the performance of Zboxes in different situations. For example, more maritime trips are being scheduled, and a rail trip is being prepared with interested stakeholders.