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Zbox Blue Logistics is the acronym for the “Foldable Shipping Containers for Sustainable Blue Growth” project

Navlandis aims to transform the global container industry.

In order to change the standard rules of intermodal transportation, Navlandis needs to demonstrate the Zbox benefits across a wide validation plan. This is the main objective of the ZboxBlueLogistics project, covering both:

i) on-route performance to quantify savings, and

ii) PAYS (Pay As You Save) business model to be showcased in order to secure the initial market pull we already have generated in the industry.

Shipping lines need an initial Zbox demonstration, then the massive market potential will translate into exponential Zbox deployment. 

In order to fulfill the main objective of the project, the following objectives have been defined:

  1. To validate the savings achieved by Zbox and to enable a large operational validation, by manufacturing and deploying over 100 Zbox units.
  2. To establish a manufacturing plan.
  3. To attain company growth and pave the way for a larger round of investment that will enable a large market upscale and replication campaign.

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With the contribution of the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund of the European Union, under the Grant Agreement Nº 958961.
Key Performance Indicators

Zbox Blue Logistics KPIs

Fleet size

Manufacturing and real routes operation of 15 Zbox units by Q1 2021, and 75 more Zbox units by the end of 2021.

Economic Savings

For companies using Zbox, €2.5M in 2023 after market uptake, and €22.5M forecasted at the breakeven point in 2025.

Company growth

By the end of the project, in-house production development, €5M equity investment and 12 more people inside the team.

CO2 Savings

For companies using Zbox, 1.5Mton in 2023 after market uptake, and 13.5Mton forecasted at the breakeven point in 2025.


Selected Project Results

Public Deliverables

Dissemination kit

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Public Reports

1st public report on results

Conclusions of the operational validation

Public Reports

Project conclusions

And business model validation results

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